Order of the Black Rose

The Order of The Black Rose was set up by the founders of this site as a organisation for like minded individuals who are justice minded.

The teachings of The Order are based on the teachings from The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey.

The 14 in the logo of the Order stands for the 14th Enochian Key as listed in The Satanic Bible. If this explanation currently makes no sense to you then you need to obtain a copy of The Satanic Bible, which will explain all, and is required reading for anyone who wishes to become a member of our Order. 

Anyone can join our Order. There is no formal application process or membership fees, you don't even have to write to us to join. All you have to do is feel that it is right for you and agree in principle with our beliefs. If you can do that then you are affiliated with our Order. If you want to let us know that you have done this then that is great! - Feel free to send us a Email to let us know! - Our Email is priest@darkgods.net - we will be more than happy to hear from you.